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Here’s the real truth about most of the solutions for operating WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

If you don’t have the right tool to send bulk WhatsApp messages. You will lose your time, energy, efforts, money and also the opportunity cost that you have at stake.

I know this. Because I find so many people who enter WhatsApp marketing but then fail at it. And then, blame it on the tools, software, scripts, and solutions that are available out on the web.

But frankly, till the time you don’t have the clarity in terms of whats the real essentials that are required to run any sort of WhatsApp marketing campaign, heck even manage to scale those numbers to larger user base.


When I started writing posts on this website. Which I feel always had a place on the web. Like being covered by Patch.com or HuffingtonPost.com for the same reason.

I can say that I know a thing or two. Ok?

So, STOP your search for that next amazing super awesome WhatsApp marketing software, blaster, panel, or whatever that you are trying to search. Ok?

Because I will tell you the truth about each and every one of them. And help you not waste anymore of your time, money and research time.

I will be completely honest with you. And tell you everything BLUNTLY.

Without giving a shit if you buy any of these products or services OR NOT.

But, it’s my responsibility to tell you the truth. I owe it to you. And I feel I will leave a legacy in this industry. But, at least guiding few people and stopping you from all the misery that I had to go through to understand WhatsApp marketing.

I had sleepless nights, when my campaigns stopped working. Because I have made a lot of bread and butter from this. And I won’t deny.

IT REALLY HURTS. When your income stops. Because your solution isn’t working anymore!

I have not only tried each and every god damn tool, script, blaster, panel that exists in the marketplace.

But, I have also gone through the trial and errors. Invested lots and lots of money in operating WhatsApp marketing campaigns from many vendors, service providers, and agencies.

And now, I feel I have an edge. That’s because I learnt from my success as well as my failure. And I have sticked around for a LOOOONG time. Without stopping.

Which I believe MOST OF THE PEOPLE do. In WhatsApp marketing industry.

That’s why. I have created a small report – which gives A to Z of WhatsApp marketing. And also a webinar which shows you LIVE. What works. And what doesn’t.

Go and sign up below. And I will give you the complete information.

P.S. I won’t charge you a single penny for it. It’s completely 100% free of cost. It’s my gift to you.


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And feel free to comment and let me know what you think about it.

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