How To Do WhatsApp Marketing: Guide 101

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I kid you not.

By the end of 2015, the festive times of Christmas.

One of my client asked me over the phone.

Do you have a solution that can send automatic WhatsApp messages?

With a blink of a light bulb. I got an idea. The idea sparked like non others.

What if instead of using SMS marketing which people have already started ignoring.
What if instead of email marketing which has the lowest open rates in today’s time.
What if instead of Facebook advertising where I have to pay upwards of 4$ acquiring a single lead.
What if instead of Google AdWords where I have to pay even 30-40$ per lead.

I can start with WhatsApp marketing.

I mean. Literally, everyone I see is using WhatsApp as a replacement of emails, text messages, and for any sort of communication happening over the email.

People now a days when they look a text message notification in there mobile phone. Never even give attention. But, what happens when someone gets a notification in WhatsApp from an unknown number? That’s right. You open it. You see the message, you see the display picture, you see the status of that WhatsApp profile.

That day onwards, in the back of the mind. I realized. I had to rule this ability to start using WhatsApp marketing for growing my business in 2016.

Now, it’s about the same time as when I had the idea in the mid of 2015 to start utilizing WhatsApp marketing. And since then, I am happy with what I have achieved using WhatsApp marketing. Not just for my own business but also, helping my clients multiply their revenues, their reach, their business growth and then the direct income using the strategies we applied in conjunction with WhatsApp marketing.

But, before I tell you about what I did to make this all happens. I want you to understand the key concept which made this all possible. You see, most of the business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, and the so called “marketers”. Ruin everything in marketing.

They try bombarding their messages to as many people as they can. Without really having a strategic communication plan to activate, re-activate and retain their prospects, customers & clients.

That’s one of the singe most #1 mistake which stops them from achieving the same results. Me and my clients have been able to achieve using WhatsApp as a marketing channel.

In order to gain new clients & grow your business upto multiple times. You don’t need to make it complicated. But, you need 4 major ways through which you can do that. If you figure this out and make it a scalable, strategic, well-executed process. Then, you can simply quadruple your market share and build massive profits in your business.

So, let me start with the basics

1. Gain the no. of clients who do business with your business.

Now, using the strategy that I am going to be talking about as a case study in restaurant and nightlife business. You will get a clear idea how this can be applied to any business, no matter what kind of industry you are in.

Step 1. Create a WhatsApp messages which are sent to people who enter your place, or fill out a form, or signup on your guestlist.
(Sent on the next day after the person enters your restaurant/nightclub, you simply have a system in place where you collect their phone numbers before they enter.)
Hey, it was really nice having you at our place yesterday!

We have some special nights lined up this coming week.

Please feel free to reach us at 888-888-8888


Step 2: Create & send a WhatsApp message after 4 days of you getting their phone numbers. This can also be a broadcast message that you send out to all the people in your list. Generally, advice you to run these kinds of special offers campaigns to re-activate your old clients, or something which continues on the line of communication just like the earlier message that you sent out earlier.

Step 3: on..and on.

You see, most of the people just send out one single message to their target audience, their response isn’t much and they stop. AND then they blame that even WhatsApp marketing doesn’t work for their business.

I mean, how stupid is that?

2. Re-activate the number of clients that you have using WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Now, there are so many ways that you can reactivate your old clients using the power of this marketing channels. Just go back to your customers list, find them out and then start running special offers, special events, special call to action response campaigns to make your prospects, clients and customers come back doing business by reaching them with a non-spammy but re-activation promotional campaigns.

3. Increase the transaction size of each clients who has already bought products & services from you.

This step might be a more strategic step for most of the people. That’s because we never explore what else we can offer our same clients who has already bought one product or service from them. I mean, lets say if I buy real estate from you, then don’t you think I will need insurance company, mover & packers, etc.

What if you can expand your products & services to the likely hood of your customer’s already desired products & services. You can run re-marketing campaigns for your buyer’s list. Target selling other similar products & services using WhatsApp.

4. Increase referrals using the power of word of mouth using WhatsApp marketing.

How about running a video campaign targeting all the people in your WhatsApp campaigns? Make the campaign as such that its easier to share, and people feel like sharing the same videos to their friends, family and team mates. This can not only give you a viral boost and make you reach more people then you can imagine. But, the likely hood of someone opening the messages, and trusting the messages from their friends is even more converting for you as a conversion then any other strategies COMBINED!

In my coming posts, I am going to go further into the process of start running your WhatsApp marketing campaigns using the right knowledge. Because though, WhatsApp marketing for most people seem easy, but it’s required for you to understand how EXACTLY WhatsApp marketing works to utilize its full benefits.

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