How To Make Money Using WhatsApp Marketing

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Don’t get yourself confused.

I know so many people who want to get started with WhatsApp marketing but never successfully understand how to run & scale your WhatsApp marketing campaigns on huge numbers of phone numbers list.

My intention for writing this blog post is to give you a complete overview which will not only clarify this irritation of finding the right answers. But, also give you some wise tips & tricks that not many marketers who are able to run successful campaigns ever talk about.

So, let’s get to the basics first.

In order to operate WhatsApp marketing campaigns. You initially need two things:

  1. WhatsApp marketing Software or a Web based WhatsApp marketing script.
    This tool will allow you to operate multiple automated WhatsApp activities such as filtering WhatsApp numbers, Update WhatsApp profile photos, status messages, and set the nick name, find out the last seen activities of your list of WhatsApp numbers which can be used to target only the hot & ACTUALLY online phone numbers, send WhatsApp messages either by sending individual message or send messages by forming a WhatsApp group by adding contacts and then sending your message in that group, and numerous others similar activities that can be done using a similar software/script
  2. WhatsApp Channels
    These are pre-activated WhatsApp numbers that’s going to be used by the software/script so that you can actually do all the operations. I mean, the software alone is no good. If you don’t have actual WhatsApp numbers which can give you the ability to do that. Right?

Now, if you understand what I just told you above. That’s like the epiphany moment for all. Because they don’t realize how its all done. And when they understand that you need both the things figured out, then that’s how you will be able to scale your campaigns.

So, in order to operate, scale and run large WhatsApp marketing campaigns on huge list of prospects, customers & clients. Then, you will be dependant on the number of WhatsApp channels you have operating in your software/script.

Now, the more number of channels you have into your WhatsApp marketing solutions. The more number of messages you be able send using the type of solution you are using.

Simple, right?


In order to run smooth WhatsApp marketing campaigns. You need to make sure that the channel life also increases, and also when your software is operating WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Then, you need to make sure that your WhatsApp software or script is actually operating all the activities within certain limits which doesn’t highlights the red line through which WhatsApp servers can catch any kind of SPAM activities. And for avoiding situations like that you need to make sure that the software/script is intelligent enough to handle that and BESIDES also has the capability to safe guard all these issues.

I have not only been able to understand all this after a lot of trial & errors. Failed campaigns and 100s of campaigns tested with the real numbers, but also tinkered around with all sorts of software, scripts, tools, and solutions available out their related to WhatsApp marketing.

During this time period I have been able to do my experiments with the following solutions:

  • WAPP Bulk – Desktop Software
  • Queensoft Turbo – Desktop Software
  • WhatsApp Bulk Sender – Desktop Software
  • WA Dominator (Latest version of WhatsApp Bulk Sender) – Desktop Software
  • WAPanel – Web based WhatsApp marketing script
  • WhatsApp Bulk Panel – Web based WhatsApp script
  • WA Bulk Panel – another web based solution
  • WA Dominator 2.0 (As a beta testor, it’s the new web based WhatsApp marketing script which has not yet released)

Now, these are alone self-hosted or self-managed WhatsApp marketing solutions.

When we go further then there are different tools available for registration of WhatsApp channels, some are semi-automated that means that you need to manually enter numbers for registration and some are completely turn key automated tools, namely WART Tool, WhatsApp Channel Finder, WhatsApp Channel Creator, WhatsApp Channel Generator, etc.

Now, with so many number of tools available. So, many people have been using these tools. And some even creating their own custom solutions that are catered to serving the purpose.

Are you now confused yourself, and asking this question. Which is the ideal solution for your specific needs?

Well, the straight answer that I can give you for this is:

You need a solution which is able to completely operate like how a normal WhatsApp user is using WhatsApp on their cell phones.

Like what are the activities that you do on your WhatsApp, yourself?

  • Talk to your friends, family and other contacts
  • Change your profile picture very often?
  • Change your status messages, according to your mood?
  • You have already joined couple of groups which is part of your inner networking circle?
  • You talk to people in groups, have your own broadcast lists.
  • You can WhatsApp voice calls
  • Send an image, forward a video, or share a voice note with your list of contacts?

You see, normally a user is engaged in different levels on a regular basis on WhatsApp.

And what most of the software that are available in the marketplace right now. NEVER understood.

What it really takes to automate this same user behaviour to a WhatsApp marketing solutions that are available here today in this WhatsApp marketing marketplace, altogether. Is the REAL solution!

The perfect solution should take the least amount of time in terms of managing your channels, schedule your campaigns, and also give you the ability to generate new channels at will, without further technical glitches and complete turnkey automatic messaging.

That’s when I started talking with the focus who made WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WA Dominator, and now the next version of WA Dominator web version.

This new version that they have come up with is ACTUALLY the same solution that I have been trying to get my hands on since the day I have entered the WhatsApp marketing space.

Now, let me tell you something which will not only dazzle the beauty of this powerful web based automated WhatsApp sending beast machine.

This script works with a backend of automated farm generation & artificial intelligence channel communication automation tool.

Wooohooo. I confused you right?

Let me explain.

Whenever you add any channels into any type of software. The software does one task at a time. Like say, check for whatsapp filter numbers, or send one type of message to everyone in your contact list, etc. So, basically its like one task assigned to 1000 channels and then the operation of the software starts and sends all the messages.

In WA Dominator new web based version. What it does is, that it allows you to create your own farm of channels communicating with each other.

This allows all the channels to produce a real time communication happening AUTOMATICALLY. Using the system designed by WA Dominator web version.

This not only helps your channels showcase a low profile under the WhatsApp spam detection system. But, it also helps increase the life of each channel, and whenever you run a messaging campaign the software automatically schedules and divides the campaigns into the most robust WhatsApp channels, that are operating under the hood of this powerful software.

So, this software will automatically. I mean, COMPLETELY automatic. Chat with other WhatsApp channels that you have added into the software, send text, images, videos and send forward message within this group of channels that you have added into the system. Automatically change display pictures, or status messages, or simply just go online, read the incoming messages, and then again go idle, offline.

You know what exactly does that mean???

Your WhatsApp channels which were suddenly non-active one time repetitive tasks machine robots you had in your god damn old WhatsApp marketing software/script. Have suddenly BECOME ALIVE!

NOW, according to WhatsApp these numbers are completely normal WhatsApp phone numbers. Used by real people, just like real normal users in WhatsApp user behaviour understanding!

This has some massive advantages, the NEXT time you run your campaigns.

You know how?

Using WA Dominator, I was able to send more then 50 messages EACH channel. Which was automatically distributed to be schedule in different time interval from the software itself.

You know how many messages using each channel, using other normal so called “whatsapp marketing software” available can send these days?

Maximum 20-25. And if you cross that limit. BOOM! Your channel is BLOCKED! All the time, energy, money and efforts you put into buying, creating and operating these WhatsApp Channels is LOST!

Bummer…I know.

That’s something. THAT YOU CAN CONTROL. Using WA Dominator web version. Big distinction.

That’s one of the reasons why I feel that once this software is released to the open marketplace. Will not only change the way people have been operating their WhatsApp marketing campaigns. But, also surpass the latest limits that has been imposed by WhatsApp to stop any kind of WhatsApp marketing software or script.

Now, let’s imagine with the normal WhatsApp marketing software or scripts available. You run your WhatsApp campaign.

Normally, you will be able to send anywhere from 10-25 messages ONE TIME.

But, with WA Dominator latest version. You will be able to run campaigns to upto 50+ Whatsapp numbers using each channel. AGAIN and AGAIN. And AGAIN.

So, normally let’s say I have 1000 channels added into my normal software.

25 messages x 1000 = 25,000 messages sent ONE TIME.

Using WA Dominator:

50 messages x 1000 = 50,000 messages sent MANY TIMES.

Now, even if I run the campaigns from 1000 channels using WA Dominator, I have been able to send 3,50,000 messages using the same channels!

That’s more then 1000% times that of what a normal WhatsApp marketing software can do!

That’s the power of this amazing solution that I have been exploring since like a long long time now!

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