Local Extractor – Review

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In this post I am doing to review one of the best Data Extraction Tool I have came across for finding hot prospects of B2B leads which not only allows you to extract business leads but also allows you to directly run SMS and Email marketing campaign directly from it’s interface.

If you read my previous review of JustDial Data Extractor then you know how powerful it can be for your business if you have highly qualified list of phone numbers that you can run your marketing campaigns on.

Whether it’s SMS marketing campaigns you want to run, or whether it’s WhatsApp marketing campaigns. You need targeted phone numbers for running your campaigns.

Local Extractor allows you to do just that. But, additional to this. You can also find out direct email address through which these businesses registered on JustDial.com which is famously the biggest local search engine across India.

Local Extractor 2.0 is the latest version that’s been released by the same company selling JustDial Extractor. I got upgraded to the new version free of cost because I already had my licensed version of JustDial Data Extractor software.

Now, Local Extractor is being released as the latest version with some new twists added into the software.

Features like finding email addresses of business listings from JustDial.com and also in the future coming version of the software which is being released to the public in coming month timeline. You will have the feature to directly run SMS marketing campaigns directly by integrating SMS gateway API using your username and password provided by your SMS Marketing companies. This is really useful because once you have found the list of your target prospects of phone number. You can directly import these numbers and straight off run an SMS marketing campaign.

Additional to this feature. You also have integration with email gateway such as MailGun.com that allows you to send upto¬†15,000 emails per month free of cost. And if you want to send more emails. You can directly buy credits from MailGun.com which is a very nominal fees and then run email marketing campaigns on the extracted emails using this software itself. It’s really great because most of the people want to try all the mediums of targeting their prospects. Whether it’s SMS or email. Its getting you covered all within this single software.

What I like about this software from the previous version of JustDial Extractor is that in this version. You can not only extract all kinds of details for a business listing. But, also it’s a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

Additional to all these features there is this new Keyword Researcher module. Which extracts keywords from JustDial.com in much more detail then the previous version. So, even if you type in one keyword. But, then now software goes out and finds out all similar keywords and then brings out an extensive list of keywords from JustDial.com search toolbar. Giving you sub categories of business listings. Making it much more easier and effective and hence giving you an overview of major keywords searched on JustDial.com itself.

So, if you are from India and are looking to promote your business into any business category that you can imagine. This software will allow you to extract listings from any city, in any local area, from any business category listed on JustDial.com. And BTW, JustDial.com has the largest inventory of business listings from all over India. You can even find B2C leads vs B2B leads which you find of websites such as IndiaMart.com, TradeIndia.com, AskLaila.com, Sulekha.com and other similar websites.

The future version will also have additional modules for searching database from websites such as IndiaMart.com, TradeIndia.com, AskLaila.com and Sulekha.com which is making this software a complete suite product for any marketer looking to market their business to highly targeted list of businesses.

Hence, I recommend go and signup for a notification list if you are interested in this kind of, one of a kind software. Local Extractor, making this one of the best tools I ever came across for marketing to local businesses in India. And once, you get a copy. You will get option to extract UNLIMITED business leads vs Data Vendors who sell you stale leads for very high price vs one time investment for getting this software.

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