WhatsApp Now Connects One Billion People EVERY Day

Almost an year back, WhatsApp already surpassed one billion users around the world who use WhatsApp every month. Now, recently WhatsApp announced that more then one billion people across the globe use WhatsApp every day to reach their friends, family and business contacts.

With the recent times, not only did WhatsApp surpass these numbers rapidly. But, also WhatsApp now has so many other features which got released recently which escalates the users interaction to the next level.

Now, not only can you share photos & videos, but also make voice & video calls, you can update your WhatsApp Status with images & videos, and also now you can share any file type over WhatsApp.

With all these new features, it makes it a complete marketing tool which is the only of it’s kind for most of the intelligent marketers who wants to utilize WhatsApp to promote, market, and profit by running outreach marketing campaigns using WhatsApp.

As of today, WhatsApp has:

  • 1 Bllion daily active users
  • 1.3 Billion monthly active users
  • 55 Billion messages sent per day
  • 4.5 Billion photos shared per day
  • 60 languages supported
  • 1 Billion videos shared per day

Just to give you a highlight here are some of the features that you can utilize on WhatsApp which can be leveraged as a marketing tool:

  1. Send Broadcast Messages to your list – You can make custom tailored list of your prospects, customers and clients into a broadcast list (which limits 256 people in one list maximum.)
  2. WhatsApp Status – This feature is more like SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger. But, the only advantage and distinction with WhatsApp Status vs all Stories types of feature is that WhatsApp doesn’t wants you to have followers, fans, and friends unlike other social media tools. You can simply have a contact list. Start engaging with your people. By posting WhatsApp status and anyone who have your contact number on WhatsApp can view of your messages.
  3. Send Multiple Format Messages – You can send text, images, audio, videos, and any kind of files & documents like PDF, word file, PPT, etc. because now WhatsApp allows you to share any kind of media types on it’s platform.

Want to take it to the next level?

You can start utilizing the power of WhatsApp Marketing tools, software, scripts and web based panels which can allow you to scale your campaigns to larger number of people using these kinds of automation marketing solutions.



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