Which is best WhatsApp Channel Generator for Creating WhatsApp Channels?

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In today’s post I want to talk to you guys about the comparison between different solutions available out in the market for getting WhatsApp Channels created for running your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

But, first. If you don’t know what exactly is a WhatsApp channel. Then, there is no point, right?

Well, WhatsApp channels are basically pre-activated WhatsApp numbers that are generated using WART WhatsApp registration system. These numbers are basically THE numbers. That you use to send out WhatsApp marketing messages.

So, let’s say you got the software/script to send WhatsApp messages. Now, what?

You need active WhatsApp channels, which are sometimes also known as WhatsApp Senders. In order to operate your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

So, the more number of channels that you have added into your sending system. The more messages you will be able to send in return using these channels.

That’s why it’s really important to get the best quality of WhatsApp channels either created yourself. Or find a WhatsApp channel provider who can supply you with good quality WhatsApp channels.

Now, let’s talk about the kind of WhatsApp channels that are available in the marketplace.

So, there are two types of channels being made right now.

  1. Created using real SIM cards
  2. Created using virtual phone numbers

Now, you might wander around. Which is the best kind of channels. I wondered too. And let me tell you this.

The best channels are those. On which you have the maximum control. That’s #1. But, also the best channels are created using a secure process, with many things in mind when they are being created.

For example, which IP address is being used to create these channels. Whether these channels are protected with a secret password. So, that they are secured from hackers, or software such as WhatsApp Channel Finder. Which can basically scrape all the channels that are unprotected. And jeopardize your channel security. And can be stolen if not made into consideration when creating them.

So, within the past several years. I have tried different kinds of WhatsApp channel providers, software such as WhatsApp Channel Finder, WhatsApp Channel Creator, WhatsApp Channel Generator, and also found some good Bulk WhatsApp channels supplier providing channels from different countries like USA, Canada, Russia, Philippines, India and even, few other countries.

I understand, it’s a difficult and confusing process to go about selecting a WhatsApp channel provider. And then, you also need to see how the channel quality is once, you buy them and use them regularly. Eventually, with so many trial and errors. And trying different vendors and tools that allows you to get these channels. I believe I can say a thing or two about them.

So, here’s my list of things to watch out for when you buy channels from a provider:

  1. Make sure the channels are protected: Make sure your vendor provides you with WART code, and security code used for the registration. And once, you get the delivery. You can then change the password using the security code to even protect these channels further.
  2. Make sure the channels are generated using regular SIM card: Now, I know a lot of people will talk about that you can’t get real SIM card generated numbers very easily. But, that’s what I recommend as preferred channels. If you get channels created using SIM card. Then, you will have chance to revive these channels if they get temporary or permanent ban on WhatsApp.
  3. Make sure the channel provider can provide instant replacement, if the channels come bad at time of delivery. Most of the honest WhatsApp channel provider provide replacement. But, make sure you let your vendor know immediately. Or else he might think that you used these channels, and then you are asking for replacement. So, when you receive the channels. Instantly, check them if they are active. If the channels show login failed error. Then, that means the channels password has been changed. It can either be the vendor who changed ’em. Or someone else stole those channels from you by getting access to your security code.
  4. Make sure the vendor is selling these channels. ONLY TO YOU! I can’t emphasize on the fact that there are so many dis-honest vendors out there who sell the same batch of channels to multiple clients. Not, only wasting your money. But, wasting money for their other clients too. Because if someone else is using those channels. Then, chances are because you are also using them. They will probably be noticed from WhatsApp and then blocked immediately. Hence, assure that the channels are sold one time only. And never shared with anyone else.
  5. Make sure the channels are delivered instantly after payment. Many vendors take up a lot of time. You need to make sure you are working with a vendor who can deliver fast, after payment confirmation. And has good production speed to maintain the timing and quality of the purchase.

Now, these were some points to keep in mind if you are dealing with a WhatsApp channel providing company.

But, how about automated WhatsApp channel registration software?

Well, frankly. Most of the software that are available right now. Which register channels automatically, are generally integrated with SMS code gateway companies providing virtual numbers.

Coming to think about it. This is cool. Till, the time when using these channels. You use them instantly. If you wait for channels to get created and then one fine day you will use these channels. Then, chances are by then. The same channel will be used by someone else. Or the password will reset. In short, loss of channels.

There are vendors selling cracked versions of these kinds of WhatsApp Channel Finder, and WhatsApp Channel Generator. Like WhatsApp4You.com and SMS125.ru. But, these are people who will cheat after taking the money.

Hence, if you are buying any kind of WhatsApp Channel creator, I suggest you buy an original one. From a real developer. Because in case of any future updates. The guy selling you a cracked version. Will never care to get the updated version for you. And instead you have chances that he might as well inject code inside the crack version to steal your generated channels. (Telling you from a personal experience and loss of couple of 1000 channels!)

Right, now. I am using an integrated WhatsApp Channel Generator inside WA Bulk Panel that has been working fine for me right now.

It’s not available for public release by the developers. But, I will keep you posted if you send me your email here by commenting below.

I will also review the channel creator later. Once, I have the permission for releasing out out in public by the developers. Since, they are beta testing everything before the public release.

If you have any more questions related to any kind of problem/query related to WhatsApp Channels. Comment below and I will be happy to answer.

UPDATE: I got asked this question very often. Where do I buy my channels from? Well, I like two companies primarily that I buy channels from very often. They are very old company and trusted by some of the ninja marketers I know in the industry.

  1. WhatsAppChannels.com : Very professional service.
  2. BulkWhatsAppChannels.com : They get sold out very easily. Because they are very famous. So, pre-book channels with them in advance if you have requirement in future. And they will cut your slot

About the WhatsApp Channel Finder software. I will cover in my next blog post. Stay tuned. 🙂

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