How To Promote Your ICO via Telegram Marketing

Most of the crypto currency enthusiast are majorly active on Telegram, Discord, Slack as their primary source of knowledge, insights, trading signals, and keeping themselves informed about what’s happening in the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, ICOs, and Blockchain space.

Hence, many ICOs, Cryptocurrency related websites & mobile apps, or several startups which are related to the blockchain space have realized the importance of gaining their presence on Telegram.

Because just like WhatsApp which allows you to access anyone with their mobile number. You can access anyone on Telegram if you have their mobile number or Telegram Username that’s registered on Telegram.

Unlike Discord & Slack on the other hand, which is restricted to only starting a communication level when the user is actually signed up on your platform. On Telegram, you can reach out to all your target market on a massive level with use of several automation tools, scripts, platform, panels, software, services & solutions available right now for Telegram as a marketing tool.

So, when planning to run your marketing activities on Telegram. There are several options available for any ICO to promote their pre-sale via Telegram.

Here’s a list of marketing activities that can take place:

  1. You can get people to join your bounty program so that you can have industry enthusiast promoting your ICO into different Telegram Groups, and Telegram Channels they are part of, they can also promote your ICO to their Telegram contact list (If they are a crypto veteran with their own tribe of crypto enthusiast that is!)
  2. You can use Telegram Marketing Service, or Telegram Promotion Service, or Telegram Advertising Service available by several companies providing you with automated Telegram promotion to promote your official Telegram Groups & Telegram Channels by adding more group members, or adding more subscribers into your channels.
  3. You can automate your own Telegram Marketing activities by using Telegram Software, or use automated web based Telegram marketing script, tools, panel which allow you to automate several activities such as promoting your group & channels into other groups and channels related to crypto currencies related groups, trading signal groups, ICO related groups, blockchain related groups, and bitcoin related groups.
  4. You can run individual messaging campaign to targeted list of crypto currency enthusiasts by targeted campaigns using Telegram Marketing Providers such as Telegram Panel.
  5. You can add Group Members into your Telegram group, and then keep interacting with group members, and keep engaging communication related to your ICO promotion, and several marketing campaigns that you plan for promoting your ICO.
  6. You can add more subscribers to your Telegram Channel by using Bulk Telegram Subscribers adding service to promote your Telegram Channel and gaining more visibility for your announcements, updates, and news related to your ICOs.

In my previous article, I mentioned a lot of new Telegram Marketing Tools, Scripts, Software, Panel and several other Telegram Marketing Automation Solutions & Services.

Similarly, you can use these tools also to gain more traction at the starting of your ICOs marketing. And then, diversify gaining more visibility by running advertising campaigns specifically in cryptocurrency related websites by doing media buying, and running CPM ads on several cryptocurrency related media buying ad networks.

Here’s a list of Telegram Marketing Tools that are working for cryptocurrency space for doing their marketing, advertising and promotions:

  1. Telegram Bulk Sender
  2. Bulk Telegram Marketing Software
  3. Bulk Telegram Marketing Script
  4. Bulk Telegram Marketing Tool
  5. Bulk Telegram Marketing Panel
  6. Bulk Telegram Marketing Solution
  7. Bulk Telegram Sender
  8. Bulk Telegram Blaster
  9. Bulk Telegram Blasting
  10. Bulk Telegram Blasting Software
  11. Bulk Telegram Blasting Script
  12. Bulk Telegram Blasting Tool
  13. Bulk Telegram Blasting Panel
  14. Bulk Telegram Blasting Solution
  15. Bulk Telegram Advertising
  16. Bulk Telegram Advertising Software
  17. Bulk Telegram Advertising Script
  18. Bulk Telegram Advertising Tool
  19. Bulk Telegram Advertising Panel
  20. Bulk Telegram Advertising Solution
  21. Bulk Telegram Promotion
  22. Bulk Telegram Promotion Software
  23. Bulk Telegram Promotion Script
  24. Bulk Telegram Promotion Tool
  25. Bulk Telegram Promotion Panel
  26. Bulk Telegram Promotion Solution

And then, several other service providers, and 3rd party vendors and marketing agencies, along with advertising companies which are providing several different options to start utilizing Telegram for running massive ICO promotions for several markets.

On the side note, I will like to also tell you the power of WhatsApp marketing parallel to Telegram Marketing.

Most of the ICOs, don’t realize that they can also reach millions of users available on WhatsApp to run targeted, highly responsive WhatsApp advertising campaigns using several other solutions available for the infamous, and widely used mobile app, WhatsApp.

I have seen very few ICOs who have actually started utilizing WhatsApp to promote their ICOs and there is a huge fast mover advantage for several crypto related companies to take advantage of promoting ICOs, via WhatsApp.

Incase, you have been wondering of to get started with WhatsApp marketing for running ICO promotions. I suggest you look around for other articles that I have written on my website where I have explained different strategies, tools, and tactics related to WhatsApp marketing & promotions.

I hope this article, gives you a new insight into promoting your ICO using the power of Telegram, and yet. High lights, the missing gap that most of the crypto marketing agencies, and companies are missing right now by not able to utilize WhatsApp as another medium to skyrocket their capacity to raise more funds for their target ICOs using utilizing WhatsApp as another marketing tool.

I will love to know what you think about the strategies I discussed here. And will love to continue the conversation with my audience here in the comments section. Feel free to comment and let me know more about other ideas, tools, or strategies that you see working in ICO industry.

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