WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns – How To Send Bulk Marketing Messages

If you have been looking for a web based or desktop based WhatsApp marketing campaign platform. You are at the right place 🙂

Here I just want to brief you about how WhatsApp marketing is done. So, you can get the basics of how to get started with WhatsApp marketing.

So, there are two ways you can start sending Bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns:

  1. Purchase Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Credits using a vendor which provides you with WhatsApp marketing service
  2. Setup your own End to End WhatsApp messaging panel so you can run your own campaigns.

Now, the choice varies depending on how much volumes you want to send, if you are just starting out, or you need to run large campaigns and want complete data security, etc. etc.

Let me tell you how I started

Well, I started doing WhatsApp marketing at a very early stage. Probably in the late 2013, when people didn’t even realize how powerful, profitable, and engaging it can be to reach anyone’s mobile number directly via a simple messaging app – WhatsApp.

Since, then WhatsApp has not only exceeded more then 1 billion user downloads count, but now, WhatsApp has more then 1 billion people who use it’s messenger app – DAILY!

That’s really powerful marketing channel for ANY MARKETER!

Back then, there were very few tools, software, scripts, and services that started to emerge.

And now, you will find gazillions of service providers, marketing agencies, solutions, scripts, software, tools, and other different panels & platform which promise to deliver your WhatsApp messages.


It’s not how it looks. There might be 100s of vendors who provide WhatsApp marketing as a service or solution. But, at the end of it. ONLY few are successful at it.

That’s because not everyone has built the advanced technology to understand the latest trends of WhatsApp marketing, secondly. Most of the services are now traced down by WhatsApp and hence, the messages are marked as SPAM by it’s advanced algorithm and your WhatsApp numbers used for sending messages are BLOCKED!

BAM. Money wasted. Time wasted. Energy wasted. Efforts WASTED. And Yes, Opportunity, gone to waste!

I have tried probably more then 15+ tools (all kinds of them, sending, filtering, channel registration, yada, yada)

I have tried more then 30+ service providers (because some times some worked, second times other)

And I have seen only few companies who have now been tested by time, experience, and the quality of service they provided to me genuinely.

Here’s the list of WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider that worked for me and provided me genuine delivery:

  1. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing – I have probably sent couple of million messages using their WhatsApp Marketing Services. At some times, I also used their resellers panel to sell WhatsApp marketing as a service to my clients. (Yes, I have sold WhatsApp marketing service to my clients too! But, now I am more focused on making more profits, by running my own WhatsApp marketing campaigns.)
  2. Bulk WhatsApp Sender – This probably is the oldest WhatsApp marketing service & solution provider company over the last decade in WhatsApp Marketing. They earlier use to sell WhatsApp Bulk Sender as the official partner. But, right now they are providing WhatsApp marketing service which delivers text, image, video, PDF files to 1000s of numbers within few seconds. This is the fastest service for WhatsApp I have ever seen. May be because their capacity & infrastructure is pretty large and robust. Also, to note that you might end up paying extra for the quality. But, without a doubt. The delivery is 100% genuine & guaranteed. Plus, you get WhatsApp Filteration Service free of cost with their service.
  3. WhatsApp Marketing Service – This company is a company that launched almost two years back. But, I have tried their WhatsApp messaging service multiple times for now. And used their reseller panel too. And I was able to run some very profitable & successful WhatsApp campaigns using their service. I will release some my best WhatsApp campaigns & case study in my other coming blog posts for you guys.

List of WhatsApp Software, Tools, Solutions, Panel, Platforms & Other Resources

Now, if you are looking for an end to end WhatsApp marketing solution that can be operated on your own. And if you wish to start your own WhatsApp marketing service business or you may be want to provide it as a service together with your own online marketing, social media, and other promotion services.

Then, you need to use the RIGHT TOOLS. Or else you will end up losing not only money, but the opportunity. And fail to get the correct working solutions from so many others which claim but aren’t.

Here’s a list of products which are updated in 2017 and working with advanced features & anti spam mechanism which by pass channel blocking issues in WhatsApp marketing:

  1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender
  2. WA Panel
  3. WhatsApp Group Sender
  4. WA BULK
  5. Bulk WhatsApp Sender
  6. WA Bulk Sender


Now, if you are using any kind of WhatsApp marketing solution whether its a desktop based tool or a web based platform or an script.

You can’t run any campaigns without WhatsApp Channels.

Now, incase you don’t know what is WhatsApp channels. Then, let me tell you. Every software, tool, or script basically ALLOWS you to send messages. But, the messages from each of these solution is sent using a WhatsApp number. This number is a combination of registered mobile number on WhatsApp along with the unique hash password which is used to identify that particular number to login into WhatsApp API.

Now, there are multiple types of channels. Most of the channels are majorly sourced from countries where you can get cheap mobile numbers. And mobile numbers can be of two types. 1. Virtual mobile number 2. Local SIM card generated numbers.

I suggest you use Local SIM card mobile numbers to register the channels. But, if you have low budget and make your campaigns cost effective then use virtual mobile numbers.

You can get bulk WhatsApp channels from different countries like Philippines, India, China, USA, Canada, Morocco, Russia, and few other places.

Here’s the list of tried and tested places where you can get safe, secure, and protected WhatsApp channels and buying from these places make sure that your channels are not resold to anyone else.

  1. Bulk WhatsApp Channels – This is the oldest provider for genuine WhatsApp channels. They deal in huge quantity can even source 1000s of WhatsApp channels from several countries in shortest period of time. They even though charge more but provide premium channels in comparison to other vendors.
  2. WhatsApp Channels – Very professional company which deals in channels from varies countries across the globe. Check the shopping cart to find out available countries.
  3. Bulk WhatsApp Sender’s Channels – They provide channels too. Comparatively cheaper but good quality.



Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Campaign


Web-based Marketing Panel


Send Bulk Messages


Send Text, Images, Audio, Video, GPS Locations & vCard Files


Send PDF files


Filter WhatsApp Messages



  • Send messages immediately
  • Send PDF files
  • Filter WhatsApp vs Non WhatsApp Numbers
  • Change Profile Picture & Status Messages
  • Generate Phone Numbers


  • Not available as script
  • Cannot be resold

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