List of Mass WhatsApp Blasting Software, Tools, System & Solutions

After the release of WhatsApp business app released in Feb 2017 by WhatsApp. There are a lot of marketers, agencies, companies who are looking to ultilize WhatsApp as a new blasting channel for their brand promotions, selling products, services and merchandise on mobile by reaching to their target audience via WhatsApp.

The major issue is that WhatsApp officially doesn’t have any advertising platform, nor do they have any medium through which marketers can utilize the advantage of it’s mobile app.

The only options that are available are some 3rd party solutions which are available in the form of software, tools, scripts, web based panel and various similar solutions available on the web.

But, the major issue that most of the marketers face while getting started with WhatsApp blasting is that they don’t know a lot of things about WhatsApp blasting from the very start.

And this ends up losing a lot of money, time, energy, efforts and opportunity cost for them by buying wrong tools, services and products related to WhatsApp automation & promotions.

So, let me start by giving you the basics about WhatsApp Blasting. And how you can start benefiting from this powerful blasting medium on mobile, which give’s you access to attention directly one someone’s mobile. (Common, it’s really hard for someone to ignore WhatsApp message on their mobile, right?)

In order to operate either a desktop based WhatsApp tool, or web based WhatsApp blasting script.

WhatsApp Blasting in Singapore & Malaysia

You need two things:

  1. WhatsApp Blasting Software or WhatsApp Blasting System
    Well, this is the tool that you will use to run all kinds of automation related to WhatsApp. It can be changing the profile picture of your WhatsApp Channel (will tell you more what are those next), sending automated messaging campaign in Text, Image, Video and in PDF format, or any kind of activity that will take place to market on WhatsApp.
  2. Bulk WhatsApp Channels – These are essentially the active WhatsApp mobile numbers, that you can upload in mass quantity into the software or script to operate your WhatsApp campaign. Frankly, it’s like having an army of 1000s of WhatsApp numbers that you can deploy in one go to run massive campaigns on 1000s of target list of mobile numbers that you want to run the campaigns on.

How WhatsApp Works Now

WhatsApp since the inception of these kinds of tool have hardened the process of sending Bulk WhatsApp Messages on it’s platform. WhatsApp can now deduct whether you are sending the campaigns from an automated tool, using WhatsApp Channels. And hence, chances are that majority of the tools that you might end up buying, will not work in the long term.

There are several tools that are able to by pass WhatsApp SPAM filters, and its done using artificial intelligence system that are developed with most of these advanced WhatsApp blasting systems built into such solutions. These tools created an automated P2P Channel distribution network, which makes all the channels behave just like a normal user like having conversations with other channels like they are real friends having conversations, coming online, replying to incoming messages, and all sorts of activities that make sure that the WhatsApp channel is never marked in WhatsApp system for any suspicious activity to be deducted as a bot.

Due to this same algorithm, it’s really difficult for WhatsApp to trace down these kinds of advanced automated tools for WhatsApp blasting.

Now, you must be wondering. What are the best tools which utilize this kind of advance algorithm that you can start utilizing to outright start blasting your messages right?

Well, here’s the list of WhatsApp Blasting Systems & Software that seem to be working in 2018

  1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender – This tool is one of the oldest tool into WhatsApp Blasting and has been since then kept on upgrading with new functionalities which makes it an all in one solution for any marketer.
  2. WA Panel – This is another web based tool that can be used for running bulk WhatsApp blasting campaigns
  3. WA Bulk Panel – Even though the name might sound similar with WA Panel, but this is another tool for sending WhatsApp blast messages using this advanced AI based P2P channel distribution technology present into this web based blasting script.
  4. WA Dominator – It’s another desktop based tool for sending bulk WhatsApp blast using it’s multiple format via text, image, video, and PDF file format.

NOW, next step after gaining access to these tools is to get bulk WhatsApp Channels to operate the software. You can do that from:


  1. WhatsApp Channels – This company provides rapid WhatsApp channels provided from various countries like USA, Canada, China, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, Russia, and Brazil. This company is one of the largest providers of bulk WhatsApp channels. And they provide protected WhatsApp channels so you can be secure that you get the channels which won’t be stolen by any other WhatsApp Channel Finder software users.
  2. Bulk WhatsApp Channels – This company provides the most cost effective WhatsApp Channels. You can source India, China, USA, and various other country channels from this company.
  3. Bulk WhatsApp Sender – This company provides various kinds of end to end solutions, as well as bulk WhatsApp Channels
  4. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing – Like the above company, this company also provides various kinds of solutions including WhatsApp Channels.

Now, let’s start with some use case for WhatsApp blasting.

There are so many ways that businesses can start utilizing WhatsApp to grow their business.

You can start sending special offers, promotional offers, and different kind of time based offers via WhatsApp.

You can start running engaging and interactive viral marketing campaigns to start creating your presence on person’s mind using WhatsApp.

You can start marketing different kinds of media formats such as images with flyers, call to actions, and videos with viral content that is more engaging, settle way of marketing and gets the maximum response.

Since, not many marketers and brands and businesses are utilizing WhatsApp as a marketing tool. This might be the perfect get start for your business. To engage with your clients from a non-utilized marketing channel right now. And of course, this gives you the maximum exposure along with first mover advantage.

Plus, now you can create custom WhatsApp URL, to directly ask the users to reach you on your WhatsApp number. This allows you to get more engaged response directly on your own WhatsApp number.

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