List of Telegram Marketing Software, Tools, Scripts & Solutions

Telegram has picked up in several markets specially in the cryptocurrency, and sports news field right now and has gained a traction of more then 200 million active users who rely on using Telegram as a source for communicating related to Bitcoins, ICOs and Cryptocurrency news.

And due to the same reason. Many new emerging ICOs, Cryptocurrency websites, and various startups and companies related to Blockchain technology are realizing the importance of using Telegram as a marketing channel to capture the attention of their target audience via Telegram.

In this post, I am highlighting some of best Telegram Marketing Tools, Telegram Marketing Software, Telegram Marketing Scripts, and Web Based Telegram Marketing Panel available for promoting any kind of ICOs, Cryptocurrency related websites, and also any kind of product or service that you want to promote to the highly active Telegram communities in the form of Telegram Groups, or Channels.

  1. Telegram Marketing Software

    This is an all in one solution for all kinds of Telegram marketing activities. You can add group members on Telegram, send individual messages and also add members to your Telegram channel using this tool.

  2. Bulk Telegram Marketing Software

    This is another tool which allows you to automatically register Telegram numbers via it’s automated registration tool inside the software, and then be able to automate Telegram marketing activities similar to Telegram software that I mentioned above.

  3. Bulk Telegram Sender

    This tool allows you to add 1000s of targeted group members, scraper users from any particular targeted Telegram group, and also then be able to send individual Telegram messaging campaigns for promotions, advertising, and marketing purpose.

  4. Telegram Advertising Software

    This tool is used by several big ICOs, who have been able to add 1000s of group members while promoting their ICOs in their pre-sale, and after sale period.

  5. Telegram Advertising Panel

    This panel is used as a Telegram promotion as a service. You need to purchase credits to run any kind of marketing activities on Telegram. Whether you want to send out a targeted campaign on Telegram by sending individual message to your list of targeted Telegram users, or may be you simply want to add a list of targeted members in a Telegram Group or Channel. Using their service you can add credits for each of the activities and then be able to run advertising campaigns for promoting any of the target messaging using various formats such as text, image, video, or PDF files.

  6. Telegram Promotion Software

    This tool is majorly used for promoting Telegram Groups & Channels, it also features user scraping tool which allows you to promote ICOs, cryptocurrency related trading groups, signals groups on Telegram, etc.

  7. Bulk Telegram Promotional Panel

    This tool is also similar to Telegram Advertising Panel which allows you to purchase credits and then use it’s service to do any kind of Telegram marketing automation, this service is really great for adding initial members into any Telegram Group and also, be able to promote your messaging to different industry related Telegram groups of your choosing, they also promote your ICO, or any crypto currency related Telegram channels by doing cross promotion, and paid Telegram group posting to a network of Telegram channels with a lot of traction and active members already part of a Telegram Group Network.

  8. Bulk Telegram Group Sender

    This tool is famous for it’s major functionality into the software i.e. running Telegram Group promotions. Once, you have access to this tool. Then, you can run automated campaigns to target a set of Telegram Groups and then run mass promotion for posting on 100s of groups within few seconds automatically. This not only gives your messaging campaign a massive outreach, but it also helps you promote your own Telegram Groups, and Telegram Channels into 1000s of unknown, yet, highly targeted group members, part of a separate group in your target industry.


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