List of WhatsApp Messenger Marketing Chatbots, Autoresponder & Autoreply Tools

Recently, WhatsApp entered the business space with it’s WA Business App, which allows small & medium enterprise business to scale their communication more intimately with their customers, prospects & clients using WhatsApp Business’s several new features such as Labels, Autoreply, Greeting Templates, and Pre-saved WhatsApp Reply Templates.

WhatsApp also official started providing WhatsApp Business API to well known brands in various industry including ticketing partners such as BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, and several such prominent brands across the globe.

At the time of this writing, there have been plenty of WhatsApp Marketing Software, WhatsApp Marketing Scripts, WhatsApp Marketing Tools, WhatsApp Marketing Solutions available today that allow you to send Bulk WhatsApp Promotional Campaigns, along with generating lots of responsive & highly targeted leads using WhatsApp as a marketing medium.

Age of WhatsApp Marketing Chatbots – Automate Your WhatsApp Marketing in 2018

Yet, in 2018 there has been several new innovation in the industry. And this year’s biggest highlight is WhatsApp Marketing API.

Even though WhatsApp officially doesn’t support creating WhatsApp Chatbots, but then there are several new services that allow you to custom develop your Chatbots, and set automatic auto replies using 3rd party API using Webhooks URL, and giving you the ability to send & receive messages integrated into the product.

WhatsApp Marketing API, Chatbots, Autoresponder & Autoreply Tools

Here’s a list of some of the new tools which allows you to use WhatsApp as a chat bot. And automatically setup autoresponder based WhatsApp chat communication with one to one engagement with your clients all on autopilot.

  1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender API – This software has been the #1 software across the globe since past 7 years into the world of WhatsApp Advertising, WhatsApp Promotion & WhatsApp Advertising. Now, you can also use WhatsApp Bulk Sender API which allows you to send outgoing WhatsApp messages using their official WhatsApp Sending API.
  2. WhatsApp Marketing API – Wondering on how to build a bot for WhatsApp? WhatsApp Marketing API provides an easy to setup, activate and use WhatsApp Bot creation service. They host your WhatsApp number on their own server so you don’t have to rely on the WhatsApp number to be always online on your mobile. They also provide API integration so you can send push & pull request using Webhooks URL and integrate with any website, mobile app, CRM/ERP or similar solutions.
  3. WhatsApp Autoreply
    – provides hosted WhatsApp sending API solutions, WhatsApp autoresponder service, WhatsApp broadcasting, and WhatsApp list segmentation & automation solutions. This is by far the most advanced WhatsApp Chat Automation solution that exists online
  4. WhatsApp Autoresponse – provides similar solutions such as WhatsApp Newsletter Broadcasting, WhatsApp Messenger Marketing, Outgoing & Incoming WhatsApp messaging using API. Support for multiple languages such as JSON, Python, PHP, Jquery, Node.js, PHP, Curl(Bash) and much more.
  5. WhatsApp Autoresponder – provides end to end WhatsApp Chat Automation, WhatsApp API Support, WhatsApp Business API, and much more. This allows you to create a WhatsApp bot without the hassle of learning how to create a WhatsApp Chat Bot without any coding skills in an easy to use interface with keyword and reply templates, WhatsApp contact labeling, etc.
  6. WhatsApp Campaign APIWA Campaign provides WhatsApp Marketing Panel with API support that allows you to run bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns using their automated WhatsApp sending API. You can not only run scalable WhatsApp marketing & promotional campaigns using their Pay as you go panel. But, also send WhatsApp messages to unknown contacts by directing your webhook URLs for using it via API.
  7. WhatsApp Business API This is an unofficial, WhatsApp Chat API provider with various options for integration of WhatsApp bot. They have diverse & simple documentations for all kinds of programming languages on how to create bot on WhatsApp, how to code WhatsApp bot for different steps, and similar tutorials & guides integrated into the product itself.
  8. WA Panel with API Support WA Panel has primarily been a web based WhatsApp Marketing Script for agencies, marketers, and companies who are looking to scale their WhatsApp marketing campaigns on millions of numbers. WhatsApp Marketing Panel that they provide also supports API calls for incoming & outgoing messages, automated Chat Bot for communicating with your clients, and also ability to create custom Bots for your clients so you can provide it as an additional service.
  9. WA Bulk Panel API
    Similar to WA Panel, WA Bulk Panel is another provide which provides pay as you go WhatsApp As a Service, you can purchase credits to send WhatsApp campaigns, receive incoming messages, and also integrate with their services with your website, mobile apps, CRM, WordPress Plugins, Woocommerce & OS Commerce plugins, create one to one chat conversations all without paying high price for similar service.

Advice on How To Use Bots on WhatsApp

In today’s time digitisation is taking over most of the areas of our life and how we use mobile apps, websites, tools for communication in our daily life. Today we are more connected using technology then ever, and people have tendency to spend majority of their time online, this has allowed one to one conversation trend to change, and rapidly transform in comparison to just couple of years back. Social media age has gained it’s saturation & is at it’s peak point.
And now, comes messaging apps, mobile based penetration which is growing exponentially across the globe, and the way people use mobile apps has a direct & immediate connection for our brands, marketing agencies, companies and even small & medium enterprise businesses can utilise messaging apps to shift their marketing focus and add it as a marketing channel.
Mobile apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc have taken over all the rest of their competition and have become more dominant then it’s predator i.e. Text messaging & SMS. Messaging apps have taken over traditional ways of communication such as email, CRM tools, text messaging, and one to one phone calls used previously by people in their daily life to communicate with each other.
Due to this widespread popularity & exponential penetration in majorly all developed & underdeveloped countries across the planet. It brings huge potential not just in a local demography but on a global, worldwide scale. Messenger apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger, Hike, SnapChat, Instagram are being used by people all day, every day. In majority of the sectors globally, Messengers have become an integral part of any businesses’s communication strategy, and is shifting the landscape by giving marketers more option to automate & personalise a one to one chance to communicate with their prospects, customers & clients on a more human centric and interactive angle.
WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger are dominating the messenger space across the globe with more then 2 billion users actively engaging on these mobile apps & macro eco system around chat applications. Where as WeChat is boasting a huge user base of 1 billion+ active users across China but doesn’t play a major role in other countries.
This is leading to a new level of communication between brands, company & marketers who can utilise these mediums to build scale, automation & highly engaging, direct one to one chat conversations with their targeted audience not just in their local geography but on a global scale. A new form of communication which is more intimate, engaging, interactive & highly scalable with one to one chat, and at the same time personalised way of managing conversations with your target audience is now even more easier & possible to implement as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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